• PremierCare Youtube Review by Natasia Lin

  • PremierCare Building under construction

    This is a video of me showing the PremierCare building at current state and explaining what all services that will be offered and and what rooms th...
  • PremierCare Video Promo

    PremierCare Promo Video featuring Morgan and Kennedi. This was their first time meeting each other and they did an excellent job working together. 
  • #PremierCare #BlackOwned #NaturalHair I TRIED BLACK OWNED HAIR PRODUCTS | PREMIERCARE REVIEW | Lindsay Erin

    Here's a YouTube video by Lindsay Erin. She did a wonderful job and plans on doing another one with just the PremierCare Edge Control. After watch...
  • PremierCare T-Shirts

    In preparation for the PremierCare photoshoot, I wanted to have t-shirts made for the shoot, however; being indecisive and waiting to the last minute, caused me to not have a lot of options at the end.
  • PremierCare Wholesale Link is Up and Running!!

    In February 2021, there is the possibility of several more Wholesale Accounts being submitted for approval. I've been working endlessly on building relationships with other companies in several States and I'm hoping to be able to reveal a few names in the coming weeks.  
  • PremierCare New Slogan "Think Beauty Think Self-Care"

    PremierCare has made new changes over later portion of the Summer of 2020. It began with the decision to form partnerships with beauty salons to showcase the PremierCare Edge Control. After being placed on the shelves of 4 local salons, a salon in another City and two more in a couple of Southern States within a mere 5 weeks, PremierCare began to rise out of obscurity and slowly became a household name within the community.