PremierCare T-Shirts

In preparation for the PremierCare photoshoot, I wanted to have t-shirts made for the shoot, however; being indecisive and waiting until the last minute, it caused me to not have a lot of options at the deadline. Luckily, 
Kareem Tykee came through for me at the last minute to create some awesome shirts for me. During that time, I had another business owner, 
Tiffany Riggins of Sparkling Purseanality on hold for my bedazzled PremierCare T-Shirts.  Both shirts I must say, came out great!! I am completely satisfied with the results and they look great!! In the future, I will consider creating PremierCare Wear.
T-Shirt by Kareem Tykee of The T Shirt Professor



Bedazzled shirts by Tiffany Riggins of Sparkling Purseanality

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