PremierCare New Slogan "Think Beauty Think Self-Care"

     PremierCare has made new changes over later portion of the Summer of 2020. It began with the decision to form partnerships with beauty salons to showcase the PremierCare Edge Control. After being placed on the shelves of 4 local salons, a salon in another City and two more in a couple of Southern States within a mere 5 weeks, PremierCare began to rise out of obscurity and slowly became a household name within the community.  PremierCare is currently forming partnerships with people who wanted to act as Sales Representatives in their respective areas so that PremierCare could be visible in salons in other States across the Country.  PremierCare has come out recently with an all new line up hair care products. These products have been doing very well and has really created a buzz within the city. With all the support and positive feedback that PremierCare has received with its line of Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner, Detangling Spray and Hair Serum, it has prompt me to move forward with a line of Men products as well. Stay tuned for the PremierCare Beard Shampoo, Beard Oil, Beard Balm Leave-In Conditioner and Wave Pomade.

     With the increased sales of the PremierCare Edge Control, the new hair care products on the market, as well as the announcement of some upcoming products, no news is better then the new slogan, "Think Beauty Think Self-Care".  When you think of some of the more prominent companies across the globe, you will always remember them based off of their Logo and their slogan.  Nike has "Just Do It", Burger King features the "Have it Your Way" slogan and Kay Jewelers has "Every Kiss Begins With Kay" respectively. 

     PremierCare "Think Beauty Think Self-Care is a mindset and a journey that I myself been on since mid-July 2020 and its continuing into the new year and beyond. Beauty is something that we all have and its more than just the physical appearance. It's the inner beauty that matters most. When you tap into your inner beauty and understand that you are great, wonderful, someone to be cherished and loved, you become stronger and you begin to value your self-worth on another level.  The ideal of self-care is something I've learned this summer from a few dear friend of mines. We've had several conversations, a few luncheons and participated in aerobics classes together. I was taught how to make myself happy because my happiness is my responsibility and not anyone else's.  So the "Think Beauty Think Self-Care" is a mindset that I want all our customers to have when they purchase any of the PremierCare products or receive any of the services offered at the upcoming PremierCare Establishment.

     As always, I would like to thank everyone for your continued support. Please continue to support and help PremierCare become a household name. And remember to always, "Think Beauty Think Self-Care".


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