PremierCare Wholesale Link is Up and Running!!

     Finally have the PremierCare Wholesale link up and running and already have a new account within minutes of creating this feature. This will make things much easier as it became too overwhelming at times trying to keep up with all the orders that were coming in.  When there were only one to four wholesale accounts, it wasn't too bad. They would call or send me a message through Messenger, requesting an order, I would bring it to them usually the same day and bring them an invoice at a later date. Now with the wholesale link, a potential client would have to click on the wholesale link and then complete all the information and then submit. I would then have to look over the info and then approve the application. Once someone orders, they will be able to purchase PremierCare Products at a wholesale price. Once they complete their order, an invoice will be automatically generated and sent to the customer via email.

     In February 2021, there is the possibility of several more Wholesale Accounts being submitted for approval. I've been working endlessly on building relationships with other companies in several States and I'm hoping to be able to reveal a few names in the coming weeks.  

     For those who are interested in applying for a wholesale account, it may interest you to know that you'll be able to earn at least a 50% profit from each sale. PremierCare is always coming up with new and improved ideas, so the brand will continue to grow and we're hoping to change the landscape of the beauty industry in the foreseeable future. To apply for a PremierCare Wholesale Account, click on the link below

Request a Wholesale Account – Premier Care Essentials, LLC (




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